Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Karma Update.

Karma has three babies by Levi!! =D

March Babies.

Our last litters were mostly successful. I say mostly because last night we lost 3 of a litter of 4 due to a doe peeing on her babies while she fed them. It got down to 31 last night and they froze. :( So sad! It's those loses that I feel could have been avoided that hurt the most. Mom was able to warm up one and it was placed with new foster mom Wynn. Wynn is loving being a mom. She pulls hair daily for her nest :)

Karma is due today. I'm trying not to get too excited with it being her first litter, but I can't help it. Wynn and Karma babies at the same time, Oh em gee SQEEE (or EEEK, whichever suits you best!)

Two more does due this week and several due next week.

It's that time of year again where our website is severely outdated due to I-hate-the-cold-don't-do-pictures-in-the-winter-itis. I have big plans to update and overhaul the site. It's all up there in my head, so let's hope I can transfer that into real motion to get it done.

Our SJD Zandria won a double BOB in Duncan last weekend. The Holland numbers were tiny :( but she did have to beat out the seniors, so I guess I'll mention it. This is the same doe that won two BOS in Loveland. One judge swore up and down that she was a buck that had been wrongly placed in the doe class :) He did a double check on her 'parts' before anything else.
Our next show is Skiatook OK the 26th. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Entry deadline for Holland Nationals is April 8th. I've heard that someone has already entered. Really?! Wow.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Karma's Last Horrah.

At six months and two days, we took Karma to her first and probably last show as a senior.

She won a double Best of Breed! To say we were thrilled would be putting it mildly.

I am a little disappointed that she settled the first time we bred her and thus ending her Spring show career but we're always striving for the next and hopefully better generation.

Show A - Scott R.
3rd SSB - Rory
1st SSD - Baby Ruth
1st SJB - Unnamed Zero kid
2nd and 3rd BSB - Kolby and Kizmo (at 6 months!)
1st BSD and Best of Breed - Karma
1st BJB - Unnamed Sabotage kid
no BJD shown

Show B - Gail Krall
I honestly didn't pay that much attention to the classes. I helped a friend show mini satins :)
Best of Breed - Karma
Best Opposite Sex of Breed - Kolby (Karma's poppa)

We were thrilled to get Scott at a Texas show. Thank you to the show staff for bringing him in!

Next month is Nationals. Egad. Where does the time go??

Stayed tuned for more Baby Daddy posts.

Baby Daddy.

Pictured below is a new and upcoming junior buck. He going thru a pretty major first molt. I think he's going to be a little guy but he' s so short and round that I think he'll stick around for awhile. He reminds me so much of his sire.

Any guess as to who the Baby Daddy is?

Below is another upcoming junior buck. (never a shortage of upcoming bucks) He's a Zero grandson. He's just starting to go thru his first head molt and I don't think his true cuteness is captured in this photo. He's got cute cheeks and ears and a nice wide body/chest! I can't wait to see him in a few more weeks. His sire (Ditto) is now living in Florida and he left us with several litters of all sons. (never a shortage of upcoming bucks) Sigh, thanks Ditto.

Spring shows have started in earnest and it's going to be hard picking and choosing which ones we can attend.

We've made our hotel reservations for HL Nationals and are hoping that we have a few to show out of this years crop of juniors. We will probably start working on a National sales list soon. I have a couple bucks already in mind for the short list.