Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Laramie gave me a scare yesterday. He went off his feed, wouldn't eat cheerios and the scariest part was he wasn't interested in me. Laramie is the oldest and most affectionate rabbit in the barn. He buzzes with joy when he sees me coming and it's a chore to get his cage door closed after his head rubbings. To see him so lifeless and un-animated was terrifying. We gave him some parsley, dandelions and lots of love. By this morning he was almost his normal self and had eaten almost everything we gave him. Huge sigh of relief!

For those of you that don't know, dandelions are a wonderful all natural pick me up for sick bunnies. (just make sure they haven't been sprayed with any yard chemicals).

A young and older picture of Laramie above.

Laramie is still active in our breeding program. He is our go-to-guy when a doe is lacking height or uprightness. He usually puts a good front end on his babies. Quite a few of his kids have placed Nationally including, Shoshoni, Rory, Cheyenne and Laylah. My favorite upcoming Laramie kid is Bentley. I think he's the best buck Laramie has produced to date.

He's been retired from showing for quite a while now but his best accomplishment was his 2nd place at Convention - so close! I believe he has 38 legs.

Laramie will be 5 in a few months and I hope he gives me lots more years.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Show News:
Mom and I went to a show in Loveland Colorado last weekend. The weather was superb! The show staff were wonderful (as usual). The fellow exhibitors were FUN FUN FUN. Despite the long drive home, I did enjoy the show.

We did so much better than I thought we would. Triple show, we won 2 Best of Breeds (Levi) and 3 Best Opposite Sex of Breeds (3 month old Zeke daughter won two and Karma the other).
Congrats to Laureen Wark for her BOB win with her gorgeous SSB!

(Zeke daughter pictured above)

Levi seems to be our under estimated winner. He never has a coat and we always hesitate to take him for that reason. It is those shows that he usually wins BOB. I think he has at least 8 so far. He came home from Colorado and decided to blow his coat so maybe he'll finish for Nationals?! He's never been to a National/Convention and maybe this will be the year he goes!

Pictured below is one of my favorite upcoming bucks. He hasn't been named and he's hardly been shown. He just turned senior. He's not the best upcoming buck in the barn but for some reason I'm in love with him. He's a Sabotage son. I had him up for sale when he was a junior and the sale didn't work out. I'm kinda glad. His color = <3

CN's BEL had a litter of four yesterday, a repeat breeding of Wynn. Two more does due. We have a couple of Ditto sons that are looking very promising. We are rotating out some older/foundation brood stock and putting our next generation into breeding. We're trying to get our Spring show schedule lined up. We're really wanting to go to the March NC show but the co$t of the trip worries me.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thinking Spring.

It's half way thru February and I'm more than ready for Spring. Spring flowers, spring shows, spring babies and most importantly spring WEATHER!

I have been terrible about keeping the blog updated. I'll try and do better, but no promises :)

I'll go ahead and stop this post here and save the show results, updates and a few pictures for later in the week. Maybe that will give me more incentive to do another post.