Monday, May 16, 2011

May Misc.

Nationals has come and gone. Congrats to all the winners! I always end up running rabbits but did manage to watch some of our rabbits place. Levi finally made it to his first National show!

National Show:
Levi - 4th solid senior buck
Zandria - 6th solid junior doe
Karma - 9th broken senior doe
Creme - 2nd broken senior buck (owned by our very good friends, the Ediger family)
(only our top 10 listed)

Day After Show: (to the best of my memory, this was a no comment card show, boo)
Levi - 10th solid senior buck
Zandria - 7th solid junior doe
Bentley - 16th solid senior buck (@ 7 months old)
Karma - 2nd broken senior doe (GAH so close!)
??? - 3rd broken junior doe
??? - 4th broken junior doe
??? - 14th solid junior doe
??? - 12th solid junior doe

Over all I am pleased with our results. Our juniors were molting like crazy and I am SHOCKED that our broken junior does placed at all much less that high considering the amount of fur flying off them.

Colorful May litters in the nest box:
Chestnut, black otter, blue, harlequin, lynx?, brk/orange?, along with sable point and blue torts!

I'm not sure about the colors on the lynx and orange. The orange may end up being a tort otter but the lynx definitely looks like a dilute agouti of sorts. Having the black otters pop really surprised me though. In fact, my apologies to Mom for doubting her when she told me they were. =D