Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colorado Show

Below are the results for the Colorado show

Show A:
Best of Breed:  Kay Miller, SSD  (RIS too!, congrats)
Best Opp of Breed:  Us with Slim, pictured below, BSB

Lil' Bit Farms Slim, a Sabotage son

Slim was hard to get a picture of, he was constantly rotating to face the camera. This is a buck that I've loved since he was an ugly junior. I don't know if it is the resemblance to his sire Sabotage or what?

Show B:
Best of Breed:  Us with Koda, SJB
Best Opp of Breed:  Us with Kizmet, BJD

Koda was on the specialty show table and did not get put up for BIS  :( 

Specialty Show:
Best of Breed:  Us with Kizmet, BJD
Best Opp of Breed:  Kay Miller, unsure of variety

Mom's van died on the way home so it's a good thing we only entered 8 rabbits at Convention.  They all should fit in the bug if worse comes to worse.  It'll be a tight fit, we just got used to the luxurious room of the van, but the 40mpg will help ease the pain.  Hopefully Mom will be able to get a good used van soon! 

Lil' Bit Farms Levi went to a new home.  We hope his new owners do very well with him.  He will be greatly missed  ;( 

Mom and I made the mistake of forgetting to quit breeding for babies during the time of Convention.  I guess we'll have to cross our fingers and hope for the best!  Rooky mistake, dang it.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some things are meant to be.

We have put Lil' Bit Farms Kolby up for sale a few times. He's been spoken for/sold a few times. For different reasons it has never worked out and he ends up not sold. Every time Mom and I question ourselves and what he's thrown. Eventually he goes back up for sale. The only reason I can think of is we are not emotionally attached to him like we are our other bucks. Kolby doesn't have a coat, ever. He has a tight crown and pulls his ears back when you first pull him out. These are probably the other considerations when we need cage space and someone has to go.
Despite his tight crown he's earned around 14 ARBA legs, a few BOS and BOB even. Given time his ears do settle and his body speaks for itself, short and compact.
Kolby's daughter Karma has 13 ARBA legs, 2 BIS, 4 BOB and 5 BOS. Karma was #3 top lop for awhile before retiring to breeding. His daughter Keri has 6 ARBA legs, 1 BIS and 2 BOB with limited showing as a junior only.
Pictured below is his last litter with Lil' Bit Farms Shanna, Wynn's BUD sister. And I mean BUD.
Lil' Bit Farms Koda
Lil' Bit Farms Koda
Lil' Bit Farms Kizmet
Lil' Bit Farms Kizmet

I think Kolby has earned his cage here with us. I'm sorry but he's no longer for sale :)