Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It was decided that Mom and I would have to miss Convention this year. I was OK with that, things happen, life goes on.

A couple of days later I suggested maybe sending our ‘best doe’ with a friend. Surely that would be OK.

As the deadline for entries approached, I didn’t worry. I already had our one entry in.

This morning while feeding the rabbits I decided to pull a couple almost senior does out to see how they were looking. I was really bummed, not because of how they were developing, but that they weren’t going to make it to Convention.

I finished up chores and headed to work. On a whim I decided to check and see if entries had closed. Nope, they were still taking entries. I called Mom and had her go out and go over the does again and send me ear numbers. 5 minutes later I had them entered.

Surely we can find a ride for just three does?!

Surprisingly our convention entries this year are all sired by the same buck, Lil’ Bit Farms Sabotage – a Zero son. One of the does is out of a Coin/Nelson doe and the other two are litter mate sisters out of Lil’ Bit Farms Cami. Cami has clicked with every buck we’ve tried her with. She’s a small doe, not real massive or stunning, but she throws really deep babies. Never judge a brood doe, sometimes they’ll surprise you!