Friday, December 2, 2011

Going into Winter.

Here we are already in December!  I will readily admit that I hate winter.  I wish I could hybernate until March, really I do.  I am dreading the season of kitcicles. 

We have 8 does due the first of next week, all very exciting litters.  Mostly unproven does though *shudder*. 

I am very excited to announce that we were asked to donate a holland for this years Convention trio!  =D  I believe this trio will consist of:  Ivy Crescent, Washburns and Lil' Bit Farms. 

Mom may attend the Cleburne show next weekend, not sure.  I can't go due to a work function (PARTY) that I'm the chair of.  They would probably tar and feather me if I skipped another one (I missed the Thanksgiving one due to Duncan).

I've been wanting to redesign and update our website but my first attempt resulted in finding out the software upgrade didn't include the graphic editor I wanted to use, sigh.  Anyone want to design a new one for me?  Darn, I didn't think so. 
It'll probably be another couple of quiet months from me, so hunker down and stay warm!