Monday, December 3, 2012

December Ramblings.

Well hello there.  As always it has been awhile.  Here are a few updates.

Convention has come and gone.  Mom and I were very happy with our placements!  We won the solid junior doe class with Lil' Bit Farms Bailey!  I have no words for how thrilled we were!  We also placed 9th and 17th in that class.  17th was Lil' Bit Farms Bella the litter sister to Bailey.  We made the hard decision to put Bella up for sale and we are thrilled with the home she went to.  A very nice family who I hope does well with her and her offspring!

An interesting story on Bella.  At least I thought so, or maybe I'm still miffed.  I had her for sale for $50 dollars more than another doe.  I really liked them both but obviously thought Bella was a better doe, hence the higher price, right?!  I had an inquiry on the cheaper doe and in the email they 'raved' about our rabbits.  In a second email they asked who was better Bella or the other doe, to which I of course said Bella.  I never heard a word back from them.  I don't know if they were just 'spamming' or if they thought I was being dishonest and only wanted to sell the doe that was $50 more.  Again, maybe I'm still miffed.  It all worked out because Bella proved her worth (at least IMO) and placed 17th in the largest Holland class AND went to a very wonderful family.  Maybe this is just a nanner nanner nanner on my part. 

Back to convention.  Zeke 2 was 4th and Sabotage was 27th solid senior buck.  I am so happy to have Sabotage back, I missed him greatly in the short time he was gone.

In baby news, we gave 9 nest boxes Sunday so barring any freak cold snaps we should have a very big baby boom come Wednesday.  This will lead to a 'cage space freak out' on my part and probably a sales list in a month or two.  A repeat breeding of Bailey/Bella is in this mix.  !!!! 

In a very rare occurrence our junior doe growing off cages are FULL but we only have 5 upcoming junior bucks!  I probably shouldn't have put that in writing and have cursed myself to litters and litters of bucks. 

We granded Bailey with a BOB in Duncan and she's now retired to breeding!  We bred her to Lil' Bit Farms Jason.  He is the junior buck that thrilled me with a BIS under Scott in Nebraska!  I cannot wait to see how he produces!  CANNOT WAIT! 

One of our best producing doe CN's JB2 has two by Absolute Zero.  The goal was to try and improve the muzzle/head on JB2's kids and hopefully keep that wonderful body she throws.  I refuse to think about her head on his body.  Again, did I really put that in writing? 

Enjoy this warm weather while it lasts!

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