Friday, March 9, 2012

I survived.

Spring is so close and I survived another winter. I say survived like it was a big deal, but we had the mildest winter I can remember.

Kizmet (3rd BJD '11 Convention) had a litter of 4 by Zeke (2nd SSB '11 Convention). This is her second litter. Her first she had one peanut a week early so we were thrilled to see 4 (+ a peanut) this time around.

Lil' Bit Farms Zeke 2

Karma and her daughter, Kylee, also had litters this week. 2 and 3. Small litters but I'll take it!

Right when I had decided to let Slim go I found out he carries the 'cute sable point' gene. Not just sable point but cute sable point. I guess I'm glad I waited to see what his litters looked like. They are still to young to really evaluate but 'cute' is all that keeps me going sometimes.

I am currently in a dilema on moving out a buck we don't use that often. He throws tremendous round bodies but slipped crowns. We've tried so hard to cut that from our herd but I am so attached to this buck that it's hard to let him go. My biggest fear is that he'd go to a breeder that uses him once, determines that he 'out produced himself' and moves him on to someone else. I don't want to see him in a string of random short term barns. I hate these types of decisions.


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  1. I can't remember where you are at, but we had a really mild winter here in Kansas too! That being said, our last litter was in July! =( We dealt with sterile bucks due to the heat, and then they just were not interested all winter. So frustrating!! We did a mass breeding, and our first litters of the season are due in 2 weeks!! Spring is so close!!!